Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Monday, June 26, 2017

Utah is on Fire!

Hey Everybody!

This week was good, as always! We were able to get a lot done and do some productive stuff this week. Some exciting stuff happened as well! We started the week off good with a trip to the Timpanogos Temple. I love going to the temple so much! I always feel so peaceful and calm while I am on the temple grounds. Not to mention the food in their cafeteria is pretty good!

The next day we did some service where we moved a huge load of dirt for some less active members. We moved wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow, but it looked like we were barely even making a dent! Finally after about an hour and a half of moving dirt we were done for the day. We'd only moved about half of the pile, but it was enough to fulfill their purposes. We also helped them move some big rocks, but that wasn't as strenuous.

On Saturday a fire somehow caught in American Fork canyon, and since it is really dry here in Utah, it spread like crazy. It was pretty cool to see, but kinda scary because it was so close to our area. Luckily nobody's property was damaged, and I don't think anyone died, so that's good. The coolest part was seeing the big carrier planes dropping gallons and gallons of flame retardant. Now parts of the mountain are dyed red from all the retardant (I bet all those Utes fans are happy about that).

The only other really eventful thing happened on Sunday. I had the opportunity to conduct my first (and second) interview for baptism as a district leader. The really interesting thing was that neither of them spoke any English, so we had to have a translator help out. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear their testimonies at the end, even though I couldn't understand what they were saying, I could still feel the spirit so strongly!

That's the majority of what happened this week, other than just trying to contact people and find work. I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the nice summer weather!

Elder Orchard

Our District at the Timpanogos Temple (I like the call it the "Timple")

The fire in American Fork Canyon

The view from a house we visited this week

A video of us driving down the driveway of the same house mentioned
in 3, the video isn't even half of the driveway

A video of a plane dropping flame retardant on the mountain to
prevent if from spreading farther north on the mountain

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