Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Monday, June 5, 2017


Hey everybody!

This last week has been good, a little slow, but it's still been awesome! We did a lot of service this week and a few other things as well. We were able to find some productive things to do though!

The first half of this week was interesting. Since it was the end of the month, we were running out of miles. On Wednesday we had about 20 miles left, and it takes 10 miles just to drive our area and back, so we had to be really careful. At about 3:00 we parked our car and walked around all the rest of the day. It's really refreshing to be able to walk around and enjoy the nice summer weather! Plus it's a lot less awkward to talk to people when they're already outside rather than driving up to them in a car. It has its ups and downs, but overall we enjoyed it.

On Thursday we had the first official "Combined District Meeting", which is just a fancy way of saying Zone Training Meeting without actually calling it a zone meeting because zone meetings aren't allowed to happen anymore. I had the opportunity to conduct the meeting, which was really easy but it still stressed me out because I like to make mountains out of molehills. It was a really great meeting and I learned a lot!

Another way we were able to spend time this week was by doing a lot of service! We spent a couple hours painting toy cars for a charity that donates them to kids in need. I was a bit low on creativity at first, but I just started painting and he creativity flowed through me! The Friday after that we helped a nonmember move out of her apartment. She is relocating down to St. George, so unfortunately we won't be able to help her unpack everything when she gets there, but we made sure that the missionaries in St. George were there and able to help out! Hopefully we were able to plant a few seeds and she will accept the gospel into her life!

Other than that, there wasn't a whole lot that we did this week. We put in a lot of work and we are starting to see the fruits of our efforts! I hope everyone has a great week and I hope I hear from you all soon!

Elder Orchard

A flower I made out of play dough

Our zone this transfer

Our zone again

A rainbow we saw

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