Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

Hey Everybody!

A few things exciting happened this week. The highlight of the week was Thursday when we had our Combined District Meeting, and I'll talk more about that later on. Monday night we ended up not being able to go out because Elder Yoshida wasn't feeling good at all, so I spent the night cleaning our apartment. It was kind of boring being stuck in for the night, but it's nice to see the fruits of my labors in how much nicer our apartment looks now!

Tuesday was a typical day here in Alpine. On Wednesday we had a few meetings. One was to prep for our Combined District Meeting the next day. At that one, the Zone Leaders pretty much just told us what we would be talking about at the CDM and what they learned at MLC. After that, we went to the Mission Office for our District Leaders meeting. President Killpack talked a lot about changing the culture of the mission, which is really something that we need to improve on. Other than that, my favorite part of the meeting was seeing missionaries that I used to serve around, which is always fun.

So on Thursday we finally had our combined district meeting. The reason this one was so important was because the whole focus of the meeting was on Jesus Christ and becoming more like him, which is what our training focus is for this month. Why this training focus and meeting were so important is because it's bringing our focus back to the most important thing. Why are we on a mission? To serve Jesus Christ. How do we become the best missionaries we can be? By trying to be like Jesus Christ. How do we gain eternal life and return to live with our Heavenly Father? By following Jesus Christ's example. I'm sooooo excited for this new training focus and the impact it's going to have! It's a bit of a bold statement, but I feel like this will change the course of a lot of people's missions, even lives, and will have a further reaching effect than we can even imagine. Goodness, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

Some other good things happened this week. We brought back Friday night pickleball as a missionary activity to invite those who aren't members or are struggling. It wasn't very successful this first time, but I have a feeling it will grow a lot! It was also fast Sunday this week. Fast Sundays are always a struggle because we have to sit through three Sacrament meetings, but they're also really rewarding too. I'm always really grateful for the opportunity to fast and come closer to Heavenly Father!

There are some exciting things coming up this week as well, like the walking in the 4th of July Freedom Festival parade tomorrow morning and more pickleball, but those haven't happened yet, so I can't write about them, haha! I hope everyone has a great week and an awesome Fourth of July!

I love this country so much. God Bless America.

Elder Orchard

We found the real life Bambi

I found a smiley face in the Bible! (1 Kings 11:16 and 32, see for yourself)

There's this new thing called "Cotton Candy Grapes", supposedly
they taste just like cotton candy, but it's debatable. They were
pretty good, but they cost a meager $6.00 a pound.

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