Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Pretty Great Week!

Hey everybody!

This last week has been pretty great, as always! A lot of good things are happening and we have definitely seen the Lord's hand in our lives as we have worked hard and did the work of the Lord!

Last Monday was pretty eventful. We had the opportunity to leave the mission several times to get some repairs for Elder Johnson's bike as well as to run some errands to Deseret Book. While we were only ever across the street from the mission and like 50 feet out of the mission, it was still exciting to leave the mission. It will be weird after my mission to not have to ask permission to walk across to the other side of the street, haha!

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to have interviews with our mission president, President Killpack. We only had about 8 minutes apiece, but they are a very productive 8 minutes. I don't think there is anyone in the mission that doesn't look forward to President interviews. Fun fact, I was the first missionary to be interviewed this round of interviews. It's not that special of a thing, but it still makes me somewhat special. Also, during the meeting, those of us who were waiting for companions to interview, rides, and other missionary things, had the opportunity to preview the church's Easter Initiative for 2017, titled "Prince of Peace". It is an awesome video and I feel it will be an even more awesome initiative!

Not a whole lot happened from Tuesday to Thursday. We did a lot of contacting, as usual, and there weren't a whole lot of people home during the days, as usual. On Thursday we had our weekly District Training Meeting. It wasn't all that different than our typical Thursday meetings, but it is still always good to see the district and spend time with them.

On Friday, we had the opportunity to drive down to the mission office to get a hitch installed on our car as well as pick up a new bike rack. This was pretty exciting because we're the first missionaries to get one on our car and the second one total (the first being the Mission Van). We are kind of the guinea pigs of the mission in terms of testing out the bike racks and figuring out how to use them properly and to the best of their ability. We spent about three hours at the mission office and did our weekly planning while we waited for the vehicle coordinator, Elder Anderson, to return with our car. We even helped with some of the office work that the senior couples had. They were more than welcome to allow us to help out!

Saturday and Sunday went by pretty quick. It was pretty rainy here on Saturday, so a lot of people stayed home and we were able to make a lot of good contacts with some potential investigators. On Sunday, we attended our typical three sacrament meetings and tried to stay awake the whole time. We even had the opportunity to speak in one of them. They had planned for four speakers, one of which was a missionary departure, another was a missionary homecoming, and the last two were my companion and me. They also planned for a special musical number in between. By the time our turns to speak came around, we only had about four minutes each to talk. We did our best to condense the 10 minutes of material we had prepared into a 4 minute time slot. It wasn't really an easy task, but somehow we made it work!

The rest of Sunday was pretty typical. This morning, we had the first of two Zone activities this transfer. We played volleyball a good amount of the time as well as did a short get-to-know-you activity. It was pretty much the same as the zone activity we had last transfer, but this time with a little more structure. It was pretty fun all in all, but it could have been better. That brings us up to about now, where we're just sitting around at our apartment relaxing. I couldn't think of a better way to spend p-day!

Well, that's all that I have this week, I love hearing from everyone and I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Orchard

Our mission after the March Musical Fireside a week and a half ago.

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