Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Monday, March 6, 2017

Blessings Come From Obedience

Hey everybody!

This last week has been pretty exciting! A lot has happened, and we have seen many blessings occur in our area. I know that this has been because of our obedience and willingness to keep the commandments and live within the rules. I hope that by sharing a few of the blessings I can share in a small part how much Heavenly Father loves his children.

The highlight this last week was probably our Zone Conference. Our Zone and another Zone gathered together in the same chapel to receive training from our mission president, President Killpack, his wife Sister Killpack, the Assistants to the President, and the Zone Leaders over our two zones. It was a wonderful opportunity not only because we got to see so many different missionaries and spend time together, but also because we were able to be uplifted and edified by our wonderful leadership. The theme of the Zone Conference was using the Book of Mormon in conversion. Some things that I learned from the training were that the Book of Mormon can answer any questions we have and that I should always keep a Book of Mormon on me in case I meet someone that wants one. The training came in handy almost immediately. That same night, we had a lesson where we taught every principle from a scripture in the Book of Mormon. After the lesson, the son of someone we are teaching who has never shown any interest gladly accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. It just goes to show how quickly the Lord will bless us for following promptings and taking our training's to heart.

On Saturday night we gave a training in one of our stakes that we cover. The training was over how to better be a Ward Mission Leader and Ward Missionary in Utah. We drew a lot of the source material for our training from past Ward Mission Leaders who had done awesome jobs in their callings. While this meeting wasn't too exciting, and the attendance was a little lower than desired, we know that the training will have a lasting effect on the missionary work in this area. We know that those who were able to attend will be able to take the things they learned and apply them to their wards to help hasten the Lord's work.

For the most part, yesterday was just like any other Sunday in the Utah Orem Mission. We attended one three hour block with one of our investigators from 9:00 to 12:00, then went across town to another three hour block that ran from 1:00 to 4:00. This second block of church was especially exciting because Elder Johnson and I had the opportunity to teach sharing time for both the Junior and Senior primaries. This was really fun because kids are so sweet and are fun to work with. It was a great practice for us because it helped us work on teaching simply. We gave a short 15 minute lesson in each about following the prophet. I am personally so grateful for our prophet today, Thomas S. Monson. I know that he is a living prophet and that he provides revelation that can and will help us every day of our lives. I look forward to every opportunity that I have to sustain him as the prophet and president of the Church.

Other than these few things, the most miracles we saw this last week came in the form of potential investigators. There have been several people we have either talked to or been told about who are very excited to take the lessons and work towards baptism. I know that the Lord has been placing these people in our path as blessing for our concerted effort to be diligent and obedient. I know that the Lord will continue to bless us as well because that is the only way this work will progress. I am constantly grateful for his hand in my life.

I hope everyone is able to have a wonderful week! I look forward to hearing how everybody is doing, and I look forward to writing again next week!

Elder Orchard

A snow Shrek that someone made after last Monday's snow showers.

A speed limit sign that broke off of its pole. We picked it up so
it wouldn't get damaged and are planning on taking it to a police
department later in the day.

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