Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Monday, February 6, 2017

New Area

Hey Everyone!

This past week has been great, and it has been an awesome start to a new transfer! I got moved up out of Utah County to an area around the point of the mountain. It's definitely strange seeing so many Utah fans. I've done my best to avoid talking about my post-mission plans because I don't want to get attacked or something! Haha, I'm just joking, they're all wonderful people regardless of which school they root for.

Wednesday morning we had transfers. We all met at the mission office and separated to our areas. In order to save time and gas, we decided it'd be best to carpool. I ended up waiting at the mission office for almost an hour and a half because we misjudged how long it would take for my new companion to get there. It's all good though because I got to hang out with a bunch of other missionaries, which is always fun! Well, when my new companion got here, we loaded all of my stuff up, and that's when I learned we had to pack another person in because we were carpooling back as well! We ended up having four Elders and two Elders worth of luggage to stuff in our car. Needless to say, it was pretty packed! We dropped the other two off and finally made it back to our area. I had a bit of time to unpack, but we went out to meet leadership pretty early on and to try and get me acquainted to the area.

Speaking of my new companion, his name is Elder Johnson. He's from Mahomet, Illinois. He likes to sing and act and all sorts of things like that. We get along really great and we have a similar sense of humor, so it makes our days go by pretty quick. The most interesting thing is that he is from the same Stake as my Uncle Paul and Aunt Angie. We figured this out when I saw that my cousin Kathy liked his mission page. We then proceeded to realize that the Kathy Orchard that his sister is friends with and the Kathy Orchard that is my cousin are the same person! It is quite the coincidence! Well anyway, we get along great and this past week has been good. I can already tell that it's going to be a great transfer!

The highlights of these last two weeks have probably been the mass eating of fruit snacks and seeing a guy juggle fire on a unicycle. Before I got into the area, Elder Johnson had emptied a box of 50 packs of fruit smiles into a glad bowl container thing. He'd eaten a few throughout the week, so there were still a ton left. Anyway, Friday comes along, which was weekly planning day. We were pretty bored throughout, so we just kept snacking on the fruit snacks. We ended up eating all of them. This week, to raise the challenge, we each got a box of 50 packs again, so now we have a giant cake display thing full of fruit snacks. It's pretty epic.

On Saturday we were driving around trying to visit and contact people, when we drove by a group of kids following a guy dressed as a jester coming out of a house. We saw him grab a unicycle from somewhere down the road and decided to watch what he was going to do. He proceeded to get out three torches, light them on fire, then ride around on his unicycle juggling them. We got a video of it (hopefully it uploads to the blog), so we were pretty excited. He almost fell a few times, but overall it was a great performance.

Other than that, not too much exciting has changed. We've been relaxing most of the day and taking it easy. I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Orchard

6 Apache Helicopters flying away from Camp Williams

Epic bowl of fruit smiles.

Juggling Jester on a unicycle.

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