Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hey Everyone!

This last week has been okay. There were a few things that happened that I'm kind of bummed about, but overall its been good. There weren't too many eventful things that happened, but I'll try to include the more exciting things.

This last Wednesday we had the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. I was really excited about this, not only because of all the great learning that I received, but also because I got to see all of my good friends from around the mission. In all reality, it was an awesome broadcast and I learned a lot of great things. What was really exciting was that the Church is implementing some changes to the missionary schedule. They are making it so that missionaries have more flexibility with how their day plays out. Planning is in the morning now too, and there are only four key indicators. I think this will be really beneficial because it will help us to focus more on our missionary purpose and on what matters most, which is teaching repentance and baptizing converts. The best part is that P-Day starts at 8:00 now! I don't know what I'm going to do with all of my free time on Mondays now.

It's been snowing a lot these past couple weeks, and it has finally let up. On Thursday, we spent about 2 hours shoveling snow. We shoveled almost an entire road of driveways. Luckily, its been cold all week, so it didnt all melt the same day. This might sound odd, but it's kind of disappointing shoveling a bunch of snow just to have it all be gone by the end of the day. It's nice to feel like we actually accomplished something.

Sunday was a pretty good day. We had stake conference in one of the stakes that we covered. We were invited to sit up on the stand, but unfortunately we aren't allowed to sit on the stand unless we have a part in the program. I wouldn't mind giving a talk in conference. I wouldn't mind giving a talk, and it would definitely be worth it to be seen by everyone. Also on Sunday, an investigator that we've been trying to get to come to church for 4 months finally came. It was pretty exciting!

Well, it's not much, but that's the highlights of this last week. It's great to hear from everyone, and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to feel your blessings and love! Have a great week!

Elder Orchard

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