Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hey Everybody!

Hey everybody!

This last week has gone by pretty quick, mostly because we stayed pretty busy the entire time. Nothing to intense happened, but a lot of little things have built up to make for a pretty good week.

First things first, we were able to surpass our weekly goal for lessons and ended up teaching 5 more than we did last week. It's probably because we had a big day Saturday with 7 in one day. It's not really that good of a thing to base success off of numbers, but I like to look at it as 7 different opportunities we had to help people out and bring them closer to Christ. We always look for opportunities in everything we do to share a message with the people we run into or visit because it is so important that they have that in their lives.

On Thursday we had zone conference, which was quite the ordeal. We had meetings from 9 am to 4 pm in the same chapel. By the end of it, I was ready to take a nap. Unfortunately, we had to get right back to work. We ended up driving nearly 50 miles that day, which is about twice as much as the average for one day. We also had car inspections, and we somehow managed to get "Repentance is Possible", which is the second to worst rating you can get. It made absolutely no sense, and I'm not going to lie, I was a bit mad. But luckily they didn't give us a "Car Fast", which would have been bad because then we wouldn't have a car for a week. In the end, nothing too terrible came of it, but my pride was hurt a little.

Well, sorry for the short post, but I'm running short on time. I'll make sure and include more next week, but until then I hope to keep hearing from friends and family back home. This being the 5th week of the transfer, next week will be the last, and I'll know if I'm staying or leaving, if my companion is staying or leaving, so on and so forth.

Well, until next week!

Elder Orchard


P.S. I finally got a haircut, it's been a bit too long

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