Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Another Exciting Week

Hey everyone!

It's been an exciting day with transfers coming up this Wednesday and every body trying to figure out what's going on. All I know is that there are a lot of changes that are going to take place all throughout the mission. For instance, Elder Fairbanks and I are both staying together and staying in our apartment, but we are losing one stake and whitewashing two others. Other missionaries around the mission will be working in just a few wards, while others in some places will be covering more than the average two stakes (such as us). We should have the car full time now, so that will be nice. Finally, this next transfer will be 5 weeks instead of the usual 6, and the one after that will be 7 to make up for it. The reason for the odd transfer lengths is that this next one would have ended the week before Christmas, and plane tickets for Elders going home would be a lot more expensive and the travel would just be a nightmare.

Today was also pretty fun because we had our zone activity. We decided to go hiking as a zone, and we were prepared. Having hiked all transfer, and those hikes being much harder then this one, it was pretty easy. We made everyone else look so slow. Eventually we had to get called back by the zone leaders because we got too far ahead and everyone else was ready to turn back around. We ended up playing a game called "signs", which was pretty fun. After that, we hiked down and went our separate ways. The rest of today was pretty relaxing.

The only other thing that happened this last week was the Missionary Musical Fireside on Friday. That was a lot of fun because we got to spend the whole afternoon together as a mission, and I got to see a lot of my buddies from the MTC as well as some other missionaries that I know but hardly get to see. Throughout the Fireside, there were several missionaries who had the opportunity to give a short testimony or story, and some groups got to sing a musical piece. I wasn't able to do anything myself, but I hope I get the chance at future Firesides. The keynote speaker was Kevin Worthen, President of BYU, and the guest singer was Dallyn Bayles. I got to shake both of their hands and even got a picture with President Worthen. It was an awesome experience, especially since everything was centered around the wonderful message of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth, and the blessings that have come because of that. The turnout wasn't as good as we had hoped, but there were still a lot of people there who were able to partake of the amazing spirit that was present.

Other than the Fireside and transfers, this last week was pretty mundane. Not a whole lot happened out of the ordinary. One interesting thing that did happen was we accidentally double booked our dinners for Sunday night, and we ended up having two appointments. I just hope the second dinner didn't think we didn't like the food because we were too full to eat. Other than that, it was really pretty much the same as always. It's good to hear from everyone and know that I have family and friends who support me in my calling. I look forward to writing again next week!

Elder Orchard

Hiking with the "Zone"

With President Worthen at the Fireside

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